The world of business is changing at a rapid pace.

Those with guts determine the game
We believe captains of industry who play by the new rules, win tomorrow’s game. Because doing things how they’ve always been done no longer cuts it. We believe in helping these captains. Not with long sittings in the boardroom. But with “instant innovation”: 3 speedboats in 1 month, for 1 fixed fee.

Together with your core team, we’ll have 4 sessions in 1 month. Resulting in 3 startup ideas, 3 visual worlds, 3 corresponding names and 1 URL. There’s no 300 page manual at the end of it, instead we’ll present you with an inspiring and visually-driven document to fire up the whole organisation. It’s forecast to be the most inspiring month of the year.




STEP 1: Scan yourself – What have you got?
– Scanning the pearls of your business
– Taking outside inspiration (no navel-gazing)
– Defining the business core

STEP 2: Show your colours – What’s at the core?
– Determining the innovative business model and innovation strategy
– Giving meaning (WHY) in the new context
– Finding your role / showing your colours – delivering value to your customers

STEP 3: Innovation creation – What does it looks like?
– Detailing ideas (3)
– Visualising concepts
– Detailing the business model
– 1 new URL

All in 1 month. For 1 fixed fee.