January 16, 2016

Press release: Fitzroy and Rachelle van der Linden start ‘Brave The Sea’

The business architect Rachelle van der Linden, together with the strategic and creative agency Fitzroy, has started a new initiative: www.bravethesea.com. Under the heading ‘Instant Innovation’, within a period of one month, Brave The Sea builds new speedboats for existing companies in need of an upgrade. “We build new formulas and business models based on the merits of a company.  We do this with proven insight, models and experience, as well as with a wealth of inspiration from the outside.”

Instant innovation within one month

“Captains of the industry have an increasing need in speedboats, i.e. new business concepts that can be implemented relatively quickly in response to the changing market.  Brave The Sea thus counters with ‘instant innovation’: three effective and creative business ideas that work according to the new brands’ rules, for one all-inclusive payment and within a period of one month. The most inspiring month of the year!” claims Rachelle van der Linden.

“Captains of the industry have an increasing need in speedboats”

No folder without that last page

Jur Baart adds: “Brave The Sea builds new speedboats that take full advantage of the existing assets within a company. The fact is: if one wants to set up something quickly, one should be realistic. We make the three business ideas direct, visual and tactile, and when necessary bearing a new name.  This way one does not end up with a folder on one’s hands thinking, ‘I think I miss the last page’. “We work with solid models, thus allowing clients to chart a clear course using thought-out choices.”

First clients emerge

Marnix Tiggeloven: “We’ve noticed the market’s necessity to defy the sea. The past three months we have spent working under the radar and that has already delivered new concepts in the FMCG and Non-Profit categories. Especially in cases concerning food, we see that companies have realized they must set new guidelines. We can thus offer them inspiration and solutions.”

For more information, check www.bravethesea.com

About Rachelle van der Linden

Rachelle is a creator of innovations and a specialist in setting forth new formulas for successful businesses. She understands the structures and the thought patterns of large corporations, but also manages to get back to the core from which new customer-driven companies are derived and developed. She is the co-founder of www.Knab.nl, and she was involved in conceiving www.energiedirect.nl (Essent), Food Reporter and www.vers247.nl (the new food platform for Deli XL). Breaking existing business structures and, instead, working from inside realistic customer needs as well as according to the connected economy rules is her greatest motivation.

About Fitzroy

Fitzroy’s motto reads: We make our clients most adaptable to change. Hence, this strategic creative agency works for challengers such as Doritos (Pepsico), Knab (Aegon) and Kornuit (Grolsch). Over the years, the agency has won multiple awards and counts 25 employees.